• Any letter or Notice from IRS or State
  • Form 1095-A (B,C), Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, to reconcile advance Premium Tax Credits for Marketplace coverage
  • The most recent bank statement
  • The amounts of Stimulus money received last year and this year. ( 1099MISC from California)
  • State ID or Passport or any Official ID document
  • If Children you need a Letter from their school that certifies their enrollment on year of the tax
  • Social Security Numbers (Original if customer for 1st time) for every member of the family
  • or ITIN Number provided by IRS
  • Original or copy W2 forms
  • Original or copy 1099 Misc. Forms (if any)
  • Last Year Income Tax Report
  • If own a house 1098 Interest Statement from bank (if any) and Local real estate taxes paid
  • Name, address and SSN of Babysitter (if any)
  • Day Care or Education Expenses Documents, please ask for EIN number (if any)
  • 1098 T forms from Students College or University (if any)

If you have a Small Business or Self Employed:

  • All of the above that applies
  • Any letter or notice from IRS
  • Any Grant Money Form you Received
  • Book of Income and Expenses
  • Receipts and Invoices
  • Name and SSN of Employees
  • Your Federal Employer Number or EIN

*Depending on your tax return, other documents or additional information may be needed.

Forms that you may need to fill up before you visit us:

For Personal Income Taxes

If you are Self Employed or Small Business

For more additional forms please check

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